Easter Adventures

The new game event "Easter Adventures" begins in TERA! The event is available for all players from April 24 00:00 to May 1 00:00. During the upcoming events, Treasure Seekers are expected to comb the neighborhoods and cities in order to deal with the Caymans, find hidden eggs and return them to their rightful owner. Also, during the events, you can get certain holiday Achievements. Complete all the achievements and get the Pet Certificate: Mysterious Moon Rabbit.

A special festive NPC Easter Bunny adorns the 4 capitals of Arborea: Velika, Allemanthea, Kayator and Highwatch. Players can take screenshots among the scenery, as well as exchange Easter Coins for NPCs.
Description of events

On their way to Silwood, the nimble Caimans have stolen all the Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny, help him get them back! To return the stolen items, look for Caimans in the following locations every week:

Oblivion forests
marvelous forest
heavenly hills
Tuwangi bog

After killing Caiman, a white Easter egg will drop out with him. To activate an egg, it must be dyed with Egg Dye, which can be obtained during the game. After coloring, you get a Red Egg, for which you can purchase various items.
Red Egg Assortment

Easter coin
Apple pumpkin smoothie
Spicy fish lunch
Juicy fish lunch
Hearty fish lunch
Highest Level HP Potion
Top Level MP Potion
Potion of Courage

Easter Coin Assortment

Bird of Happiness Shell
Incredibly valuable egg

Assortment of Incredibly Valuable Egg

Scrolls of Perfection (Small)
Scrolls of Perfection (Bol.)
Scroll of Experience (Small)
Scroll of Experience (bol.)
Bird of Happiness Shell

Important! Items from the Incredibly Valuable Egg dropped randomly. All scrolls are automatically deleted 3 days after receipt.

The event with the capture of Caimans will last from April 24 to May 1 at 00:00.

Every day from 9:00 in one of the cities of Arborea, help the Easter Bunny in search of the Golden Eggs. Hidden eggs are located in a world-famous place throughout the day. When visiting with them, the task for the Achievement will be completed. Cities where the Golden Eggs will be hidden:

Day 1: Velika
Day 2: Allemanthea
Day 3: Kaiator
Day 4: Upper Watch
Day 5: Pora Elinu
Day 6: Castanica
Day 7: Upper Watch + all opposite cities

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