Server birthday!

Time is fleeting, and now our server is one year old!
All this time we have tried to please you and maintain the magical atmosphere of a fantastic world. Many were able to try on different roles: from a militant valkyrie to a priest, from a mighty warrior to a mystic. Having escaped from the real world, you have chosen different sides: Hellenes, Popori and, perhaps, the familiar side of people. Travel, battles, character leveling, new acquaintances - all this helped to relax and distract from pressing problems.

We are grateful to you for your support and interest in our server! As a congratulation, a special promo code has been prepared that will allow you to use for free a "Stylish subscription (30 days)", and also you will forever receive "Flying Skill: Legendary Obsidian Tail" Promo code can be entered until July 11th.


Thank you for staying with us!

Asura01.07.2022 0:00