Halloween festival

In the amazing universe of Tera Online comes a huge festival in honor of Halloween, the most frightening yet fun holiday. Exciting tasks from witches, a lot of themed accessories and magic candies await the participants of the event. A special NPC sends the characters to the event, the witch Ellonia will be waiting in big cities and will become a guide to the epicenter of the festival. A special location is designed for heroes above the tenth level, and 5 quests will be available for completion.

A horde of greedy monsters is attacking the Spooky Academy, dreaming of stealing all the precious sweets. Players must protect their candy stores by shooting from special cannons filled with pumpkins and confetti. During themed battles, the evil Pumpkin, a festive ghost with a pumpkin head, will appear. It is necessary to hold out 5 waves, for each a certain number of candies will be issued. Received items can be exchanged for really valuable rewards: mounts, holiday masks, hats, wings, and a unique pet. The fun will last until November 6, fans of the project need to hurry up and complete all the tasks to receive rare bonuses.

Asura17.10.2022 5:00